Dave Navarro's fitness success story

For those of you battling injuries, aches and pains, and other dilemmas that keep you from living your healthiest life, don’t give up on working toward being stronger, more fit, and healthier than you ever thought possible. Dave Navarro is a man who proves it can be done with some effort and the right information.

In his youth, Dave was involved in numerous summer sports, downhill skiing in winter, as well as biking and long distance running. At the age of 57, he is dealing with the long-term effects of sports injuries. His doctor assures him that a knee replacement is in his future, and he was told to avoid certain activities that aggravate his condition. Unable to participate in the activities he loves because of his tremendous knee pain, Dave went into a "deep slump" and backed off from all exercise and activities.

The result was considerable weight gain, overall weakened body strength, and lower back pain so intense that he depended on pain killers to get through the day.

With heart issues in his family, he became concerned about changing unhealthy habits and dropping enough body fat to put him in a healthy weight range, so he joined Anytime Fitness in Kasson. Not even knowing what he could or should do to get started, he just knew he needed to do something.

After consulting with me, Dave had a new outlook on his future health. We worked together to design a program that would challenge his weak areas and build strength while protecting him from further injury. We included modified moves that would challenge the muscles but protect the joints, such as partial squats with only bodyweight and straight leg lifts that strengthen the quads without straining the knees.


Not only were his muscles being challenged, he was also breathing heavier and burning calories. I remember how excited he was at this first workout. He was beaming as we went through new moves, that he was able to do pain free, but feeling challenged at the same time.

"I feel like I’m in my 20s again while I workout," Dave adds. "The fun part is doing multiple sets and reps with little rest in between exercises to get my heart rate up there. It just feels good to work hard and sweat it out."

Since beginning in mid September, Dave has lost 4 inches around his waist, gained strength throughout his entire body, especially the core, which has practically rid him of back pain. His energy is through the roof, and his night time sleep increased from a lousy five hours to a restful eight hours. Previously, back pain would wake him throughout the night and he would never feel rested.

"Feeling great only took two months!" explains Dave. "I spend one hour at the gym three to four times per week, and that’s it! My whole world has changed."

Yes, Dave felt overwhelmed in the beginning with so many new things to learn and remember, but with time it all became second nature. Breaking old patterns is never easy, but with his eagerness to learn and his excitement over mini milestones, he kept taking one step forward each day.

Of course Dave is also learning the importance of fueling his "machine" with proper nutrients. This has become one of his favorite parts of his new lifestyle. Enjoying natural foods, using spices for flavor, rather than thick sauces or fried versions, has been a great way to enjoy food and never feel hungry. Filling up with lots of veggies and healthy protein sources, and relying on a protein shake when life gets busy, helps him stay on track with his 5-6 mini meals each day.

Dave’s advice for "those struggling with aches and pains and feeling doomed, is to check with your doctor and get back to the gym! It helps give you a new outlook, feel rejuvenated and focused on your goals. Ask for help if you need it, don’t try to struggle through it on your own. Inspiring others to good health, by living the example, makes an impact on your friends, family, and coworkers."

Dave continues on his journey to become his best yet, taking it one day at a time.

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