Davis still sizzling at Chateau

LANSING — Brandon Davis stayed hot at Chateau Raceway on Friday, winning for the fourth time this season.

Davis, who got a strong challenge from Greg Jensen, took over in the eighth lap and led the rest of the way in capturing the USRA Modifieds feature race. It was Davis' fourth title in his last five attempts.

Jensen's strong run earned him a second place, while Todd Scharkey outdueled Doug Hillson for third.

• Bryan Hernandez turned his luck around and did it in emphatic fashion. Hernandez led all 15 laps as he captured his first feature race of the season, winning the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds. Robbie Franklin fought off Greg Pfeifer Jr. for second place.

• Travis Shipman lost out to Ryan Goergen his his heat race of the IMCA Stock Cars event. But it was Shipman who edged out Goergen in the feature race.


• The WISSOTA Street Stock feature winner, once again, was Mike Blowers. Blowers started eighth but made it looks easy as he dashed into first place. He passed Jim Connors on the second lap, and it was no contest after that.

• Justin McMahan kept Kyle Kath from notching his fifth feature race win of the season as he passed Kath on lap 12 and hung on to win his first feature. Kath landed second.

• Cole Lonergan took the Pure Stocks feature race, with Brady Krohnberg finishing second and Matt Brooks third.

• Alan Schmidt won the first main event of the day, capturing the Hornets feature race. Chris Schumann was second and Jeremy Wenzel third.


Feature (top 10) —1. Brandon Davis, 2. Greg Jensen, 3. Todd Scharkey, 4. Doug Hillson, 5. Damon Haslip, 6. Joe Horgdal, 7. Jeremy Misgen, 8. Darwyn Karau, 9. Kevin Stoa, 10. Michael Wytaske

Heat winners —Haslip, Davis.



Feature (top 10) —1. Travis Shipman, 2. Ryan Goergen, 3. Brandon Vogt, 4. Andrew Inman, 5. Kevin Vogt

Heat winner —Goergen.


Feature —1. Bryan Hernandez, 2. Robbie Franklin, 3. Greg Pfeifer Jr., 4. Beau Lammers, 5. Jayme Hiller, 6. Jesse Hernandez, 7. Jason Born, 8. Don Schaefer, 9. Jake Stark, 10. Mike Yeager.

Heat winners —Franklin, Born.


Feature — 1. Mike Blowers, 2. Brandon Shaner, 3. Nathan Schumacher, 4. Kory Adams, 5. Brent Holland, 6. Jason Barber, 7. Derek Kilby, 8. Kelby Johnson, 9. Noah Grinstead, 10. Jim Connors.

Heat winners —Barber, Grinstead.



Feature —1. Justin McMahan, 2. Kylie Kath, 3. Kadden Kath, 4. Scott Demmer, 5. Terry Kohnert, 6. Jesse Baer, 7. John Warrington, 8. Charlie Steinberg, 9. Tanner Johnston, 10. Rick Utley.

Heat winners —Kadden Kath, Kylie Kath.


Feature —1. Cole Lonergan, 2. Brady Krohnberg, 3. Matt Brooks, 4. Adam Godeke, 5. Dylan Nelson, 6. Stacy Krohnberg, 7. Anna Brouwers, 8. Zach Elward, 9. Jason Newkirk, 10. Keith Weber (DNS).

Heat winners —S. Krohnberg, Godeke.


Feature —1. Alan Schmidt, 2. Chris Schumann, 3. Jeremy Wenzel, 4. Travis Morris, 5. Bobby Blowers, 6. Gary Stahl.

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