Did you know ... the Twins are still playing baseball?

PHERSY: Hey Feldy, I have a question for you. Did you know the Minnesota Twins are still playing games? Yeah, I just found this out.

I assumed they just folded the operation over at Target Field now the that football season is upon us.

So Feldy, give fans a reason to tune into a Twins game in the coming weeks. This could be the most difficult task you've faced in 2012.

FELDY: Well, it will pass the time between Gophers football games and Vikings games. And the Yankees come to Target Field in two weeks; the Twins always play pretty well against the Yankees.

If you need a real reason to watch, though, the frustrating thing with this Twins team all season has been this: One night it'll put up a dozen runs, then the next three nights it'll score one or two. At least we know the possibility is there for the Twins batters to break out at any time.


PHERSY:Well, you didn't convince me Feldy, but it was a good effort. Unless you're a bit sadistic and are hoping the Twins will hit the century mark for losses, I see no reason to tune in over the last part of the season.

Of course, my opinion has been swayed since our local football teams are undefeated.

Feldy, did you take in any of the Gophers football ball game against New Hampshire? I know, it wasn't a win over an FBS team, but can you at least admit the Maroon and Gold looked much better in Week 2?

FELDY: Yes, they did, and I was expecting to see them atop the FCS Top 25 poll this week. I mean, they rolled over a good FCS team last weekend and, in their opener, beat a UNLV team that lost to an FCS team last week. It was nice to see MarQueis Gray play much better. He only attempted eight passes — and completed six — but he didn't need to attempt any more.

New Hampshire had no answer for him as a runner, either. We should see the same thing this weekend when Western Michigan comes to TCF, right?

PHERSY:It better be. Western Michigan gave an average Illinois club a run last week, if you call 24-7 a run. But there's no reason for the Gophers to struggle against a team like this.

I expect more improvement and another blowout at The Bank. Syracuse won't roll over the following week, but that should be another win. And after that, the Gophers get an awful Iowa club.

Yeah, this Gophers team has a good chance to be 5-0 before it gets hammered by underrated Northwestern.


FELDY: So, is it possible that the Gophers start 5-0 and DON'T become bowl eligible? I'm not convinced any of their Big Ten games are a cinch to win, even against the Hawkeyes.

Minnesota won't win at Sconnie, though they are putting the "Bad" in Badgers right now. The Gophers then have Purdue, Michigan, Illinois, Nebraska and Michigan State. Which one of those matchups gives the Gophs their best shot of a sixth victory and a bowl bid?

PHERSY:Don't write off the Gophers at Camp Randell. Certainly, they'll be underdogs. But Wisconsin is not a good football club right now, and the Gophers will get up for a legitimate chance at the Axe.

Both Illinois and Purdue are winnable games. Nebraska just lost to UCLA. Michigan was blasted in Week 1 and struggled to beat Air Force last week. Frankly, the Big Ten is terrible this season. So, I don't think beating anyone is out of reach for this Gophers squad.

If the Gophers continue to improve under Jerry Kill, they have a chance to be a sleeper in the league this season. Rose Bowl? No, but now I do believe they'll earn a spot in a bowl game.

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