Dueling DFSers: Watch out for players in games that mean nothing

PHERSY:Well Nate Dogg, last week was ugly. My Sunday-morning tinkering did me in once again in our DraftKings contest. Luckily I didn't mess with every lineup and made money elsewhere. But this is it, the final week of the regular season. It's time for you to make some money this weekend, Nate Dogg. Your final shot to get in the cash this season...


NATE DOGG: So, unlike myself, Atlanta Falcons WR Julio Jones ($8,500) knows how to talk smack and back it up. Good on him for thrashing the Panthers and Josh Norman. After seeing that, it's virtually impossible to not make him the the must-play against the atrocious Saints defense. Jones went for 178 yards on nine catches and TD. Hard to believe he won't go for 200 and three TDs this week. OK, OK, temper expectations. Maybe not THAT good, but he's worth locking it in.

PHERSY:The biggest thing to watch this weekend is for teams sitting players in games that don't matter. Jones could fall into that category. Frankly, Jones is the franchise, so why would the Falcons risk his health in a game that means nothing? If he does dress and play, yeah, it's tough to argue with one of the game's best going against one of the league's worst defenses. ... Antonio Brown burned many of us last week, so maybe I'm crazy, but I'm using him again this week. The Steelers still could make the playoffs, and they're playing a noon game so they won't already be eliminated. I feel safe using Brown, even after last week's dud.



NATE DOGG: Eddie Lacy looked to be back in the good graces of Packers coach Mike McCarthy getting 12 carries in a game the Packers weren't really in. This week, at home against the Minnesota Vikings with the division on the line, I suggest using Lacy as an option at only $4,500 to give you some salary relief to get some top-tier receivers in your lineup. The Vikings haven't been that great at stopping the run. This game could be ground and pound, and I like Lacy at his price point.

PHERSY:It's tough for me to ever advocate using Lacy; he's a bigger headache than he's worth. I'll go off the grid this week and suggest using Alfred Blue of the Texans. He's just $3,700, he's seeing loads of carries, and the Texans will be trying to secure a division title this week with a win over Jacksonville. The Jags struggle to stop the run, so I expect a big day from my boy Blue.


NATE DOGG: Russell Wilson has been putting up points of late but I just don't like him this weekend against the Arizona Cardinals. It's a divisional game, it's on the road and the Cardinals just held Aaron Rodgers to 10.9 DraftKings points. Wilson holds a $7K tag, which is third-most on the QB docket. I can't see myself using him at all in a matchup I don't see going well for fantasy.

PHERSY:There are many players to avoid this week, mainly those on teams playing games that don't matter. Yes, of course they could blow up for a big game, but most aren't worth the risk. I'll put Rob Gronkowski in that category. Gronk is $7,400, and yes he's the best tight end in the game. But I don't trust Bill Belichick, or any of the Patriots this week. Belichick is sneaky, so who knows which players will be on the field. I'll spend that cash elsewhere, and avoid the risk.


PHERSY: Congratulations to nanelson1288 for winning last week's contest. gset21 was close behind in second, and jetsetter516 placed third. SchwabDawg fourth and Ilonien20 fifth. ... The contest is back again this week. Jump in, take our money ... search for my username on DraftKings (phersy123) or hit me up on Twitter or email and ask for an invite. It's just $10. Good luck, everyone!

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