Jensen cruises to Super Stocks feature win

SPRING VALLEY — Joey Jensen quickly worked his way into the top group, then asserted himself even more late as he captured the WISSOTA Super Stocks feature race Saturday at Deer Creek Speedway.

Kelly Anderson finally pushed past Schatney Sanders, overtaking him in lap 18, to land second in the Super Stocks race.

Dustin Scott was the feature winner in the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds. He held off Jared Boumeester, Justin Oestreich and Mike Mehling, who took the next three spots.

In the USRA Modifieds, it was Brandon Davis blasting past the competition. He started on the pole and never looked back. Jason Cummins was his best competition, landing second. Lucas Schott was third. Cummins had started 12th and by lap 10 had moved into the top five.

Brandon Hare won the USRA B-Modifieds, with Cory Crapser finishing second. Hare built a comfortable lead, then hung on.


Danny Richards was the WISSOTA Street Stocks winner, with Bernie Adams next. And the Robby Bunkelman captured the WISSOTA Late Models feature. Kyle Jumbeck was second. It was Bunkelman's first win at Deer Creek.


Feature —1. Brandon Hare, 2. Cory Crapser, 3. Cole Queensland, 4. Dan Wheeler, 5. Ben Moudry,

6. Erik Kanz, 7. Kylie Kath, 8. Jacob Bleess, 9. Cody Gardner, 10. Alex Williamson.

B feature —1. Sorensen, 2. Clement Keefe, 3. Amundson, 4. Kenny Boge Jr., 5. Mike Chisholm,

6. Russ Quinnell, 7. Brad Minske, 8. David Pitz.

Heat winners —Demmer, Crapser, Queensland, Williamson.



Feature —1. Danny Richards, 2. Bernie Adams, 3. Mike Blowers, 4. Kory Adams, 5. Shaun Mann, 6. Danny Hanson, 7. Fred Prudoehl, 8. Troy Voth, 9. Kyle King, 10. Noah Grinstead.

Heat winners —Mann, Richards.


Feature — 1. Dustin Scott, 2. Jared Boumeester, 3. Justin Oestreich, 4. Mike Mehling, 5. Tony Schill,

6. Greg Pfeifer Jr., 7. Josh Crary, 8. Don Schaefer, 9. Jason Born, 10. Ryan Siegle.

Heat winners —Boumeester, Schaefer, Scott.


Feature —1. Joey Jensen, 2. Kelly Anderson, 3. Schatney Sanders, 4. Jeff Brauer, 5. Tommy Richards, 6. Brian Fetting, 7. Kevin Hager, 8. Ed Sanders, 9. Brandon Duellman, 10. Andrew Bleess.


Heat winners —Jensen, Anderson.


Feature —1. Robby Bunkelman, 2. Kyle Jumbeck, 3. Lance Matthees, 4. Nick Beyenhof, 5. Joe Ludemann, 6. Jerry Bloom, 7. Nate Beyenhof, 8. Nick Herrick, 9. Neil Eckhart, 10. Nick Kramer.

Heat winners —Bunkelman, Prochnow.


Feature —1. Brandon Davis, 2. Jason Cummins, 3. Lucas Schott, 4. Keith Foss, 5. Josh Angst, 6. Nate Wasmund, 7. Mike Sorensen, 8. Brad Waits, 9. Bob Timm, 10. Joel Alberts.

Heat winners —Davis, Wasmund, Cummins.

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