Kids add to the joy of fishing

A friend called last week and asked if he could bring his wife and kids out to our place to go fishing.

There are few things in life more fun or more dangerous than taking little children out in a boat to go fishing. We set plans for Friday morning.

Another friend of ours, Kris, volunteered to come along. With two little kids with sharp hooks on the end of flexible fiberglass rods, the more adults, the better.

Dan and Autumn arrived with Charlotte,  4, Cooper,  3, and Callum, almost 2. Callum did not care so much about fishing as much as just being outdoors and exploring the new surroundings.

Charlotte had a brand new "Barbie" fishing rod and reel. She knew what fishing was all about and with her new gear, she was going to catch some. Cooper was excited to go fishing, but he was not sure about the details. He borrowed a "Batman" rod, used by one of our grandsons before they became much too sophisticated for such things.


Cooper made an instant attachment to my wife, so they set off in the paddle boat. The other four adults and two children loaded into the Jon boat and carefully set off for what we hoped would be good fishing grounds.

Much to my surprise, the boat was quite stable as we motored across the lake. Charlotte was not sure we would survive and was especially concerned about her little brother as he reached over the edge, playing in the waves splashing up the side of the boat.

His mother had a firm grip on his life jacket or I am sure he would have gone over the edge with the big happy grin he always carries.

We all put lines in the water as we drifted to a stop. Charlotte immediately announced she had caught a fish.

I had serious doubts until I saw her brand new "Barbie" fishing pole bending over and bobbing up and down. With a minimal amount of assistance, she landed the first fish of the day.

A couple minutes later, my wife called out from the nearby paddleboat, "Cooper caught a fish."

Cooper was not too sure about this. He was doing fine while soaking a worm in the water. All of a sudden a fish came up, ate his worm, and got caught on the hook. He was not impressed with the fish getting in the boat with him, nor with having to touch it to remove the hook.

He was having second thoughts about the whole deal. My wife removed his fish from the hook and was finally able to convince him to put his worm back in the water.


The score was kids 2, adults 0 in the first few minutes of the trip. Dan, Kris, and I then got serious about our fishing.

We started catching a few crappie, bass and bluegills. Autumn spent most of her time keeping Callum from bailing out of the boat while dodging fish hooks being cast by Charlotte and us guys.

When we went back to the dock for a break, Charlotte decided she wanted to go with my wife in the paddle boat. Cooper was ready to switch.

When he was in the paddle boat, he kept getting fish caught on his fishing rod. That was not a good thing. It would be better to be in the big boat where not so many fish were flopping around.

By the time we decided to give it up, we all had caught several fish.

Dan caught the biggest bass of the day and Cooper, the one that least wanted a fish on his line, had caught the most.

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