NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings
Dalvin Cook and the Minnesota Vikings' running game worked well in a Week 1 win against Atlanta. Can the Vikings repeat that success on Sunday at Green Bay? (Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports)

LIMBECK: Well Captain Purple, the Vikings are literally off and running this season. The Vikings started their season in dominating style a week ago as they throttled Atlanta 28-12 at home. Mike Zimmer had to be absolutely giddy as the Vikings ran the ball 38 times while Kirk Cousins needed to throw just 10 passes. Jumping out to a 14-0 lead after two possessions helped the Vikings dictate the flow of the game. Did you enjoy the Vikings' grind-it-out style and can that style play out long term for the team?

FELDMAN: Who doesn't enjoy a four-score lead, Helmet Hair? Well, aside from the Falcons in the Super Bowl, that is. But let's leave last week in last week. The running game looked sharp, but the Green Bay Packers' defense also looked sharp in its opener. The Vikings are already nursing some injuries along the line, and they'll have to figure out how to not be the Bears this week, and put up more than three points at Lambeau against an improved Packers defense.

LIMBECK: Both teams are 1-0 and this is a huge division game for both teams. The Packers beat the Bears 10-3 in their opener and the Green Bay defense is getting all kind of praise for shutting down Mitch Trubisky. A nice win for the Packers, the same way they started last season by the way, but some "experts" already sound like the Packers have the division wrapped up. I don't think that Green Bay offense did anything to distinguish itself. Time to see how Aaron Rodgers does against another elite defense.

FELDMAN: A-Rodge doesn't have Mike McCarthy to yell at anymore, but he does have Matt LaFleur, whose Tennessee Titans ranked a dazzling 25th in the NFL in offense last season. The Packers' offense resembled that last week, though the Bears' defense had a lot to do with it. Still, Rodgers might just shut his helmet mic off by halftime and start calling plays himself. But A-Rodge is still A-Rodge. He's still one of the best in the NFL and, despite having a down year by his standards last season, we've seen him carve up the Vikings enough times to know that you can't ever count the Packers out when he's under center.

LIMBECK: Rogers hasn't been carving up the Vikings a lot lately. In his last seven starts against the Vikings, the Packers have topped 20 points just twice. This game could also be close and low scoring. With injuries, the Vikings defense is thin in the secondary and that unit has to keep receiver Davante Adams in check. The Packers defensive line is strong in the middle so any Vikings success against the run might have to come on the outside. The Vikings are going to need more from the passing game this week and both Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs have had a number of big games against Green Bay. At least one of them will again on Sunday: Vikings 23, Packers 20.

FELDMAN: The Vikings catch a break again this year by going there early in the season. No cold weather, no snow, no rookie kicker to rack up a hat trick of misses. Cousins looked better throwing 10 passes last week than Trubisky did throwing 45. Cousins and receivers Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs should provide more of a test for the Packers defense than the Bears did. But Cousins has a way of disappearing in big-spot games. It's only Week 2, but this is a big-spot game for both teams. As much as this pains me, I have to do it: Packers 23, Vikings 20.

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