Many locals entered in Birkebeiner ski race

Several Rochester and area skiers are entered in the 38th annual American Birkebeiner Classic on Saturday, which starts from Cable and winds up in Hayward, Wis.

Some 8,400 skiers have registered and include:


Amy Rowley (Birkebeiner skate); Robert Hauser (Kortelopet classic); Eric Karsten (Kortelopet classic); Peter Maves (Birkebeiner skate); David Greymont (Kortelopet skate); Linde Hauser (Kortelopet classic); Paul Scanlon (Kortelopet classic); Kristina Busch (Prince Haakon classic); Gregory Rowley (Birkebeiner skate); Aksel Hauser (Prince Haakon classic); Paul Ehling (Kortelopet skate); Leah Karsten (Kortelopet skate); Gary Gross (Birkebeiner skate); John Busch (Prince Haakon classic); Peter Edl (Birkebeiner skate); Michael O'Connor (Birkebeiner skate); Andrew Wood (Birkebeiner skate); James Bennett (Birkebeiner skate); Matthew Rowley (Birkebeiner skate); Barry Knapp (Birkebeiner skate); Matt Hawkins (Birkebeiner skate); Curt Hale (Birkebeiner skate); Linda Sebesta (Birkebeiner skate); Randy Shelerud (Birkebeiner skate); Brennan Kelly (Birkebeiner skate); Bruce Walk (Birkebeiner skate); David Benson (Birkebeiner skate); Christopher Hoppe (Birkebeiner skate); Julia Walk (Birkebeiner skate); Lisa Harney (Birkebeiner skate); Robert Frerker (Birkebeiner skate); Christine McTavish (Kortelopet skate); Eric Counselman (Birkebeiner skate) Grant Johnson (Kortelopet skate); Sarah Johnson (Kortelopet skate); Rebecca Tangalos (Kortelopet classic); Robert Mitchell (Birkebeiner skate); Michael Trantow (Kortelopet classic); Karolyn Wood (Kortelopet skate); Amanda Berg (Kortelopet skate); Christopher Flood (Birkebeiner skate); Christopher Coon (Birkebeiner classic); Joe Moyer (Birkebeiner classic); Jane Shellum (Prince Haakon classic); Jennifer Russell (Prince Haakon skate); Jody Zylstra (Prince  Haakon classic); Joseph Zylstra (Prince Haakon classic); Mary Beer (Prince Haakon skate); Deborah Knopman (Prince Haakon classic); Elena Cattaneco (Prince Haakon skate)' Robert MacCarty (Kortelopet skate); Thomas Sorenson (Kortelopet skate); Dayton Miller (Kortelopet skate); Ian Torchia (Kortelopet skate); Riley Macon (Kortelopet skate); Daniel Luetmer (Kortelopet skate); Thomas Shellum (Kortelopet skate); Samuel Russell (Kortelopet skate); Andrew Johnson (Kortelopet skate); Stephen Russell (Kortelopet skate); Esme Bengtson (Kortelopet skate); Holly Russell (Kortelopet skate); William Tremaine (Kortelopet skate); Peter Luetmer (Kortelopet skate); Rosalind Russell (Kortelopet skate); David Sorenson (Kortelopet skate); Roberto Cattaneo (Kortelopet skate); Mounif El-Youssef (Kortelopet skate); Laura Cattaneo (Kortelopet skate); Sarah Torchia (Kortelopet classic); Jean Lewis (Kortelopet classic); Curtis Shellum (Kortelopet classic); Gregory Anderson (Kortelopet classic); Brittany Pentek (Birkebeiner skate); Anna Resman (Birkebeiner skate); Nicki Youngberg (Birkebeiner skate); Jill Leet-Otley (Kortelopet skate); William Baldu Sr. (Kortelopet skate); Sabrena Resman (Birkebeiner classic); Mary Resman (Kortelopet skate); Clark Otley (Kortelopet skate); John Resman (Birkebeiner skate); David Ahlquist (Kortelopet skate); Kendall Leet-Otley (Kortelopet skate); Danny Testa (Birkebeiner skate); Allison Hiddinga (Kortelopet skate); Kevin Berg (Kortelopet skate); Madeline Youngberg (Kortelopet skate); Michael Resman (Birkebeiner skate); Jennifer Youngberg (Birkebeiner skate); Kristen Resman (Kortelopet skate); Henry Hocraffer (Kortelopet skate); Scott Foley (Kortelopet skate); Nathan Manthey (Kortelopet skate); Julia Youngberg (Prince Haakon skate); Brett Koplin (Birkebeiner skate); Michelle Bjerke (Birkebeiner skate); Dave Youngberg (Kortelopet skate); Jeffrey Manthey (Kortelopet skate); William Sherman (Kortelopet classic); John Bartucz (Birkebeiner skate).



Steven Orcutt (Birkebeiner skate); Emily Walk (Birkebeiner skate); Andrew Orcutt (Prince Haakon skate); Kevin Dammen (Birkebeiner skate) Katlyn Orcutt (Prince Haakon skate); Michelle Johannsen (Birkebeinner skate).


Drew Moessner (Kortelopet classic); Amy Clayton (Kortelopet classic).


Eric Nordgren (Birkebeiner skate); Kendra Nordgren (Kortelopet skate); Mike Franken (Kortelopet skate).


Sharon Kaufman (Kortelopet classic).



Anthony Eichman (Birkebeiner skate); Andrea Johnson (Kortelopet skate); Dan Johnson (Kortelopet classic).a


Michelle McLellan (Kortelopet skate); Paul McLellan ( Birkebeiner skate); James McGrath (Kortelopet classic); Lydia Allen (Birkebeiner skate).


Joel Kozlowski (Birkebeiner skate); Jason Kozlowski (Kortelopet skate).


Michael Gjere (Birkebeiner classic); Bonnie Handmacher (Birkebeiner skate); Kirsten Gjere (Kortelopet skate); Margaret Vagts (Kortelopet classic); Andrew Batstone (Birkebeiner classic).



John Trolander (Birkebeiner skate); David Midthun (Birkebeiner skate).


Clint Miller (Kortelopet skate); Patty Miller (Kortelopet skate); Kathy Bates (Kortelopet skate).


Pamela Peterson (Birkebeiner classic); Linda Milburn (Kortelopet skate); Scott Milburn (Kortelopet classic).


Elizabeth Catton (Kortelopet classic).



Josh Cichy (Kortelopet skate); Matt Riley (Kortelopet skate); Dave McDougall (Birkebeiner classic) Lynda Kern ( Kortelopet classic); Christine Riley (Birkebeiner skate); Richard Bell (Kortelopet classic); Richard Bell ( Kortelopet classic); Craig Bell ( Kortelopet skate); David

Riley ( Kortelopet skate); Jeanne Peterson (Kortelopet skate); Janet Brandt (Kortelopet classic); Matthew Lawrence (Birkebeiner skate); Kathy Bell (Prince Haakon classic); David Asp ((Birkebeiner skate); James Patterson (Birkebeiner skate); Abra Hovgaard (Birkebeiner classic); Robert

Alleva (Kortelopet skate); Mark Hennessy (Birkebeiner classic); Jeffrey Ketcham (Birkebeiner skate); Angela Lawrence (Kortelopet skate); Nathan Porath (Birkebeiner skate); Josie Alleva (Kortelopet skate); Nichole Porath (Birkebeiner skate); Suzette McDougall (Prince Haakon classic);

Conor Smyth (Birkebeiner classic); Gregg Frankowski (Prince Haakon classic); Bryant Blahnik (Kortelopet skate); Keith Peterson (Birkebeiner

skate); Jon Loye (Birkebeiner classic); Eric Mollgaard (Birkebeiner skate).


Marie Torkelson (Birkebeiner skate); Mark Behrends (Kortelopet skate); Monica Nigon (Kortelopet classic).

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