Mouthpiece: LeBron evokes many emotions

There are equal parts of me that dislikes LeBron James, admires him, and feels sorry for him.

The dislikes part is easily explainable and hard to get over. It was that whole "Taking-my-talents-to-Miami" thing. His "decision" reeked of self-importance and self-promotion.

The admires part is easy, too. His athletic abilities are unmatched in the NBA right now, and maybe ever. Nobody has his crazy blend of size, speed, and agility. I also admire his brain and his on-court unselfishness. LeBron isn't just an athlete, he thinks the game, and is a willing and excellent passer.

As for feeling sorry for him, I can't help it. Unless LeBron is great each and ever game — especially in these NBA Finals — the critics pile on him. He's got zero room for error. He brought much of it on, I know. But it's still a tough way to live, and play.

— Pat Ruff

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