Pro motocross notebook: Cianciarulo has another big day at Spring Creek

Adam Cianciarulo won the overall in the 250 division last year at Spring Creek MX Park in Millville en route to winning a national championship. In his first race at Spring Creek the 450 division, Cianciarulo not only won, he set two career firsts -- winning both motos and recording two holeshots in the same day. He also took a big bite out of Zach Osborne's lead in the points standings.

Adam Cianciarulo jumps in a 450 class moto during the AMA Pro Motocross national championship series races on Saturday at Spring Creek MX Park near Millville. Cianciarulo finished first overall in his class. (Traci Westcott /

MILLVILLE -- Adam Cianciarulo is starting to get the hang of a 450.

The young pro motocross rider from Port Orange, Fla., didn't have a great start to the 2020 season, finishing 12th overall in Round 1 of the AMA Pro Motocross national championship series at Loretta Lynn's Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Fla., on August 15.

It wasn't the way he'd hoped to me his debut in the series' 450 Class, the top division in the sport.

But Cianciarulo has learned quickly how to relax and let his natural ability and talent take over.

"Anytime you're leading a 450 race, unless you're on another planet, these guys will be right on you," he said Saturday, "but I feel comfortable in that situation, with someone right on me. I just tried to focus on my laps and riding my race."


Cianciarulo won the 250 Class national championship last season, capturing the overall title at five of the 12 rounds on the series in the process. One of those overall victories came on a rainy and muddy July afternoon at Spring Creek MX Park in Millville, where he followed a third-place finish in the first moto with a win in the second moto.

Saturday, Cianciarulo didn't have to worry about heat, humidity or mud.

He not only earned the hole shot in both of the 450 motos in Round 6 of the nine-round 2020 championship series at Spring Creek, he won both motos and his second consecutive overall. Saturday marked the first time he has swept both motos in a pro race, regardless of division.

Cianciarulo, who sits second in the 450 points standings, also gained significant ground on points leader Zach Osborne, whose bike suffered a flat front tire in the second moto. Osborne finished 16th in the moto and saw his once-comfortable lead over Cianciarulo shrink to just 15 points with three rounds of racing to go.

"I was just tunnel vision all day; I didn't know what happened to Zach," Cianciarulo said. "I'm at a loss for words. I've never gone 1-1 before, even last year. I can't say enough good things about my team. The bike is really good and I'm really confident in my riding. We've continued to grind and here were are with two wins in a row.

"It's a special day."


Rochester native Henry Miller crashed during Saturday morning's practice sessions/qualifying races. Miller was reportedly taken away by ambulance. No update on his condition was available as of Saturday evening. Miller, a privateer, was having one of his best seasons as a pro in the 450 division. The 22-year-old was in 14th place in the national points standings entering Saturday's races. He remained 14th after Saturday, just one point ahead of 15th-place rider Jason Anderson.

Miller didn't indicate what his injury is or how severe, but he posted on his Instagram account Saturday that his 2020 season is over.


"Hate to disappoint the hometown crowd but I will be sitting the remainder of 2020 on the sidelines," he wrote.


The pro national races at Millville are always a special, if not hectic, week for Alex and Jeremy Martin.

The brothers are two of the top four riders in the 250 division of the pro motocross national championship series and they bring a lot of fans to their home track, as evidenced by the cheers and noise that echoes across the Spring Creek grounds when they're introduced.

Their parents, John and Greta, own and operate Spring Creek, and hosted a pro nationals race on Saturday for the 37th consecutive year. There was a time this spring when the Martins -- and AMA officials -- were concerned that their streak might end at 36.

"It always feels good to be home and to get a podium (top-three finish) here at Millville," Alex Martin said. "I'm super happy for my parents to be able to have races here this year with everything going on."


Jeremy Martin and Dylan Ferrandis put on an eventful and wildly entertaining race in the second 250 class moto. Ferrandis edged Martin at the finish line to sweep the motos and win the overall on Saturday.

The wins allowed Ferrandis to take a slight three-point lead over Martin in the points standings, after Martin entered the day with a nine-point lead.

Martin said he wasn't thinking about points, though, as the laps and the jumps ticked down in Saturday's second moto.


"I just saw the 1-4 on his back and thought 'man, I have to get this cat,'" Martin said. "I don't like coming in second, but that was one of the funnest motos I've had all year. It was a great race, we raced each other clean. We have three rounds left and if we have battles like that it's going to be a lot of fun."


Perhaps the most daunting hill climb and descent on the pro motocross circuit sits on the far west side of Spring Creek's pro track.

Dubbed "Mount Martin" the hill has cost many riders positioning and has caused some scared looks when riders turn the corner and the top and face the steep downhill.

"Sometimes it'll mess with you," said 250 class rider Brandon Hartranft, from Brick, N.J. "You'll think you're going fast down it then guys will go flying past you."

The hill earned its name from the track owners, John and Greta Martin, who added it several years ago as another obstacle for the top riders in the world to tackle.

"The courage you have to have to get to that downhill and try to get by someone is a lot," Jeremy Martin said with a laugh. "The risk is high. Whoever sends it down that hill is pretty confident in their motorcycle."

• • • • •



(Saturday at Spring Creek MX Park, Millville)


Overall (Moto 1-Moto 2): 1. Adam Cianciarulo (1-1); 2. Blake Baggett (2-2); 3. Justin Barcia (5-4); 4. Chase Sexton (8-3); 5. Eli Tomac (6-5); 6. Marvin Musquin (3-10); 7. Christian Craig (7-6); 8. Joey Savatgy (9-7); 9. Max Anstie (10-8); 10. Zach Osborne (4-16).

Points standings (through 6 of 9 rounds): 1. Osborne 235, 2. Cianciarulo 220, 3. Musquin 215, 4. Tomac 196, 5. Barcia 194, 6. Baggett 190, 7. Sexton 173, 8. Craig 141, 9. Broc Tickle 134, 10. Savatgy 122.

• • •


Overall (Moto 1-Moto 2): 1. Dylan Ferrandis (1-1); 2. Jeremy Martin (5-2); 3. Alex Martin (4-4); 4. Jett Lawrence (3-6); 5. Justin Cooper (9-3); 6. R.J. Hampshire (2-11); 7. Hunter Lawrence (7-5); 8. Jo Shimoda (12-8); 9. Mitchell Harrison (11-9); 10. Derek Drake (8-12).

Points standings (through 6 of 9 rounds): 1. Ferrandis 257, 2. J. Martin 254, 3. Hampshire 202, 4. A. Martin 194, 5. Shane McElrath 186, 6. Cooper 164, 7. Lawrence 162, 8. Cameron McAdoo 140, 9. Harrison 123, 10. Brandon Hartranft 114.


Millville’s Alex Martin races in a 250 moto during the AMA Pro Motocross national championship series races on Saturday, September 19, 2020, at Spring Creek MX Park near Millville. (Traci Westcott /

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