Race of Champions Qualifiers highlight nice night at Chateau

LANSING — It was the WISSOTA AMSOIL Dirt Track Series Race of Champions Qualifiers for the Street Stock and Midwest Modified divisions on St. Ansgar Plumbing & Heating night Friday at Chateau Raceway.

Two infrequent visitors, Danny Hanson and Tony Schill, would lay claim to those feature wins. Jason Newkirk won his first Pure Stock feature and Jerry Young broke through as well. Brandon Davis and Travis Shipman continued their domination at the speedway.

The Y-Waste Removal Hornets only had four cars this week but had some wild action. Jeremy Wenzel led and then was spun by Ralph Hanks. Hanks was put to the tail, but he made his way back to battle with Wenzel. But Wenzel would win his third feature of the season.

Kyle Nicoll led the Misgen Auto Parts Pure Stocks early, but Jason Newkirk survived for his first win since Aug. 20, 2010.



Results, Friday

USRA Modified

Feature—Brandon Davis, Todd Scharkey, Jason Cummins, Joel Alberts, Greg Jensen, Joe Horgdal, Darwyn Karau, Brian Albrecht, Jeremy Misgen, Tyler Clark, Robbie Franklin, Damon Haslip, Jacob Dahle

First Heat—Davis, Karau, Haslip, Franklin, Clark, Horgdal

Second Heat—Cummins, Jensen, Scharkey, Dahle, Alberts, Albrecht

IMCA Stock Car

Feature—Travis Shipman, Chris Adams, Ryan Goergen, Kevin Vogt, Brandon Vogt, Blake Cole

Heat—K. Vogt, Shipman, Adams, Goergen, Cole, B. Vogt


WISSOTA Midwest Modified

Feature—Tony Schill, Greg Pfeifer Jr., Jason Born, Robbie Franklin, Eric Condit, Jesse Hernandez, Jeff Born, Jacob Stark, Luke Hainka, Brent Kirchner, Tyler Peterson, Darryl Hainka, Beau Lammers

First Heat—Jeff Born, Pfeifer Jr., D. Hainka, Kirchner, L. Hainka, Lammers, Jason Born

Second Heat—Condit, Hernandez, Schill, Stark, Peterson, Franklin

WISSOTA Street Stock

Feature—Danny Hanson, Mike Blowers, Noah Grinstead, Nathan Schumacher, Jason Barber, Brent Holland, Nick Roemhildt, Jason Van Wilgen, Zach Elward, Kory Adams

First Heat—Hanson, Blowers, Barber, Adams, Roemhildt

Second Heat—Schumacher, Grinstead, Holland, Van Wilgen, Elward



Feature—Jerry Young, Cory Crapser, Ryan Stebbins, Josh Mattick, Kadden Kath, Jesse Baer, Kylie Kath, Scott Demmer, John Warrington, Terry Kohnert, Davis Henderson, Adam Ackerman, Mike Yeager, Tanner Johnston, Rick Utley, Mark Wytaske

First Heat—Stebbins, Kadden Kath, Young, Crapser, Utley, Yeager, Henderson, Mattick

Second Heat—Kylie Kath, Demmer, Baer, Johnston, Warrington, Wytaske, Ackerman, Kohnert

Pure Stock

Feature—Jason Newkirk, Matt Brooks, Brady Krohnberg, Keith Weber, Jim briggs, Stacy Krohnberg, Greg Lammers, Katie Elward, Anna Brouwers, Cole Lonergan, Kyle Nicoll, Adam Godeke

First Heat—B. Krohnberg, Newkirk, Weber, Elward, Briggs, S. Krohnberg

Second Heat—Lonergan, Brooks, Godeke, Nicoll, Lammers, Brouwers



Feature—Jeremy Wenzel, Bobby Blowers, Isaac Eaton, Ralph Hanks

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