Reeves a newcomer to running

You might not believe this, but Aaron Reeves didn't even start running until two years ago.

"Paige (his wife) was the one who started to run,'' he said. "She started doing a bunch of halves (marathons) so in order to see her more, I figured I had to start training, too.''

They both completed the 2011 Med City Marathon and a month later, Aaron finished Grandmas.

"From there, I got interested in running trails and that fall I did the Duluth 50K. After that I was hooked. Last year I did four 50Ks and two 50-mile races.

Reeves lives in Rochester and is the city administrator in Cannon Falls. He recently was one of just 20 runners to complete the Zumbro 100 Endurance Race.


"My goal for 2013 was to do a 100 and the Zumbro race was only 45 minutes from home. You can't beat that.''

To get this straight, before last weekend, the farthest Reeves had run was 50 miles.

"They say that training for a 50 and 100 are not that much different,'' he said. "The second 50 is all mental, and I found that out to be so very true. You just keep going and don't stop.

"The lowest point was after the fourth loop, or about 2:30 in the morning. I couldn't get warm no matter what. I saw people sitting by a fire and thought, 'Wouldn't that be nice.' But I went back out there.''

Reeves finished four hours ahead of the cutoff time of 34 hours, and for all that effort, received a custom-designed belt buckle.

A well-earned custom-designed belt buckle.

"It's more than that, though,'' he said. "It's knowing that I finished something that I really didn't know if I could.''

The question was bound to come up? Will Aaron's next race be 101 miles, or longer?


"It won't any longer,'' he said. "If I do another, and that's an if right now, 100 is the limit.''

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