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(From the Minnesota DNR)

Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park —As of Thursday: Skiing poor, snowmobiling closed.

Frontenac State Park —As of Wedneday, The rains melted or turned everything to ice. so the winter trails remain closed to all but hiking until we get a snowfall of 4" or more. The sledding hill is closed.

Myre-Big Island State Park-- As of Wednesday, the snow season will be starting over. We will need about 10 inches-plus of snow to start grooming..



(From the Associated Press)


Afton Alps— Thu 10:21 am packed powder machine groomed 31-43 base 47 of 48 trails 95% open, 300 acres, 10 of 18 lifts, sm Mon-Thu: 9:30a-9:30p; Fri: 9a-10p Sat/Sun: 9a-10p; Jan 21: 9a-9:30p.

Buck Hill— Thu 2:04 pm packed powder machine groomed 18-60 base 16 of 16 trails 100% open, 10 of 10 lifts, Mon-Thu: 10a-9:30p; Fri: 10a-10p Sat/Sun: 9a-10p.

Coffee Mill— Thu 3:10 pm packed powder 6-24 base 10 of 14 trails 72% open, 3 of 3 lifts, Wed-Fri: 4p-9p; Sat: 10a-9p, Sun 11a-8p Open Wed-Sun.

Giants Ridge— Operating, no details.

Lutsen Mountains— Thu 2:15 pm packed powder machine groomed 18-36 base 48 of 92 trails 92% open, 8 of 10 lifts, Mon-Fri: 9:30a-4p; Sat/Sun: 9a-4p.


Mount Kato— Thu 8:27 am loose granular machine groomed 34-46 base 19 of 19 trails 100% open, 8 of 11 lifts, Mon/Tue/Thu: 9:30a-9p; Wed: 9:30a-4:30p Fri: 9:30a-10p; Sat: 9:30a-10p; Sun: 9:30a-9p.

Powder Ridge— Operating, no details Mon Wed/Thu: 10a-9p; Tue 4p-9p; Fri: 10a-10p; Sat: 9a-10p; Sun: 9a-9p.

Spirit Mountain— Thu 3:44 pm packed powder machine groomed 24-36 base 22 of 22 trails 100% open, 175 acres, 5 of 8 lifts, Mon-Thu: 9a-8p; Fri: 9a-9p; Sat: 9a-9p Sun: 9a-8p; Jan 20: 9a-9p.

Welch Village— Thu 3:43 pm packed powder machine groomed 25-52 base 56 of 60 trails 100% open, 10 of 10 lifts, Mon-Thu: 10a-9p; Sat/Sun: 9a-10p; Jan 21: 9a-9p.

Wild Mountain—Thu 7:56 am packed powder machine groomed 35-60 base 26 of 26 trails 100% open, 7 of 8 lifts, Mon-Thu: 10a-9p; Fri: 10a-10p; Sat: 9:30a-10p Sun: 9:30a-9p.

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