Title IX quotes

"External stimuli such as cheering audiences, bands, lights, etc., cause a great response in girls and are apt to upset the endocrine balance. Under emotional stress a girl may easily overdo. There is widespread agreement that girls should not be exposed to extremes of fatigue or strain either emotional or physical."

— 1933, Agnes Wayman, President of the American Physical Education Association

"In those few remaining schools still sponsoring a program of girls’ interscholastic sports, it is recommended that the interscholastic program be dropped and that the Girls’ Athletic Association program be installed in its’ place. The G.A.A. will adequately meet the needs of the girls from a physical and recreational standpoint."

— 1938, excerpt of official letter from Harold K. Jack, Supervisor of Health and Physical Education, to the superintendents and physical education teachers of all Minnesota high schools.

"No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance."


— 1972 Patsy T. Mink Equal Opportunity in Education Act (aka Title IX)

"Instructions were given to the girls who took part in the fall tennis program and several of the girls went on to compete in scheduled meets with other schools in the Big Nine Conference. Volleyball and basketball provided recreational activity for interested girls during the winter season. These girls were given the opportunity to participate in ‘playdays’ where they competed against other area schools."

— 1969-70 Mayo Yearbook

"With growing enthusiasm live competition in girls basketball has captured a student audience of spectators and supporters. Things were slow getting started and still have a long way to go; but the seed has been planted, taken root, and sprouted… possibly it will strain toward heights equal to those of Iowa’s tradition."

— 1973-74 JM Yearbook

"The tradition of athletic letter awards being presented to males only at an annual ceremony has finally been forced by the onslaught of the women’s liberation movement to unlock itself from the chains of male chauvinism. In other words, now female athletes are also eligible to acquire letter awards for outstanding participation in athletic activities."

— 1973-74 JM Yearbook (31 girls in grades 10-12 were awarded letters)

"Pat Laska wanted this one. If there was ever a team that had the chance to go all the way it was this one. She had shooters, defense that was threatening everyone in the Big Nine, and she had the rebounders. The thing she had been looking for 3 years had rose to the top, determination. Girls basketball proved this year that it is a sport worth watching."


— ‘75-’76 JM Yearbook, reflecting on JM's first winning season in girls basketball

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