TRX Suspension trainer provides full-body workout

The TRX suspension trainer is a fitness tool that can take your overall body strength and workouts to a whole new level. This adjustable strap is made of durable nylon webbing that is suspended from above with loops on each end for handles. This type of training uses body weight and gravity to create unlimited range of resistance, balance, stability, as well as improving strength.

Developed as a tool for U.S. Navy SEAL training, anyone from athletes to the average Joe can benefit from this workout tool. With its compact size and versatility, it is used by fitness professionals and is great for travel and home workouts. Folks who are already into fitness, and looking for a new level of challenge, can benefit the most from this type of training.

By putting your feet or hands into the loops in the straps, exercises such as chest presses, pull-ups and complex twisting movements can be performed with challenging range of motion and balance.

The system includes training DVDs and a manual that explains the exercises. Cardio and strength programs can be performed with these straps, because of the endless ideas that can be implemented, you can get the type of workout you want. The variety keeps it interesting, and because each repetition varies slightly, the muscle activation changes slightly and efficiently challenges muscle groups.

Participants love the complete body workout because it’s a full body workout without any one muscle group becoming overstressed.


Challenges with this training system include self motivation, if you are not used to working out at home. Carving out the time to work out amidst all of your home responsibilities can be distracting if you don’t plan for it. Having a space designated to exercise can help you stay focused.

If you are a beginner, use caution with range of motion to protect joints and connective tissues and avoid injury. If you do not have enough strength to lift your body, this may not be the program for you. Maintaining a safe and pain free range of motion is essential in avoiding injury.

Though this program is meant for any level, I would suggest not jumping right into it without performing some conditioning exercises on your own prior to TRX Training.

Bob Harper, elite trainer on the Biggest Loser, knows about effective and cutting-edge workouts, which is why he included TRX Suspension trainer in the program to help sculpt participants’ bodies. These type of workouts not only require core strength, but also full-body strength to make it all happen.

The more muscle groups included in a workout, the more calories are burned. By working the entire body, with core and balance as the center of each workout, you will be on your way to achieving a fit and lean physique.

Remember to pay attention to proper form and move through each range of motion at the right speed to feel the most benefit. Always maintain a pain-free range of motion in every move.

This is hard work, so don’t expect it to be easy.

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