Volleyball | LeRoy-Ostrander Invitational



Pool play

Grand Meadow def. Glenville-Emmons 2-0

Riceville def. LeRoy-Ostrander 2-1


Alden-Conger def. Schaeffer Academy 2-1

Lanesboro def. Winona Cotter 2-0

Alden-Conger def. Glenville-Emmons 2-0

Winona Cotter def. LeRoy-Ostrander 2-1

Schaeffer Academy def. Grand Meadow 2-1

Lanesboro def. Riceville 2-0

Schaeffer Academy def. Glenville-Emmons 2-0

Winona Cotter def. Riceville 2-0


Alden-Conger def. Grand Meadow 2-0

Lanesboro def. LeRoy-Ostrander 2-0


Alden-Conger def. Lanesboro 2-0

Third place

Schaeffer Academy def. Winona Cotter 2-0

Fifth place

Grand Meadow def. Riceville 2-0


Seventh place

LeRoy-Ostrander def. Glenville-Emmons 2-0

Schaeffer Academy stats (tournament totals): Emily Harris 58 digs; Breea Amundson 24 digs, 33 assists, 10 kills, 3 aces; Olivia Harris 34 assists; AnnMarie Jalmasco 11 blocks, 9 kills, 4 aces; Lillia Newsom 6 blocks, 11 kills; Ashlyn Meincke 21 kills, 5 aces; Julianne Hanson 19 kills, 7 aces.

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