Was Steve Williams really out of line?

PHERSY:Yo Feldy, thanks for joining us back in the office after your many days "camped" over in Mankato watching the Vikings. Your second-favorite caddie, Steve Williams, made headlines this week. Williams was fired by Tiger Woods, then hired by Adam Scott. Scott and Williams promptly went out and won the Bridgestone Invitational. Williams celebrated, and had some "controversial" comments about Woods after the victory.

I think the entire thing has been blown out of proportion. Of course the guy's emotional after being let go by Woods. But did Williams go too far for you, Feldy?

FELDY: Yes and no. Stevie's gigantic ego has never been a secret. It always amazed me that he and Tiger could fit both of their heads on the same golf course, much less in a clubhouse or car. Williams got caught up in the personal satisfaction of sticking it to Tiger, when he should have praised Scott for his consistency and shot-making.

It's never troubling, though, to hear someone call Tiger out as the frontrunner he is. Can Scott and Williams (or Williams and Scott) keep it going this week at the PGA?

PHERSY:I think they can, but whether that translates to another victory is tough to say. Scott has taken everything in stride this week. I'm sure these aren't the questions he'd planned to be answering leading up to the PGA Championship.


That said, when you hire Steve Williams, you know what you're getting. Scott always has been one of my favorite players, so I'm glad he's getting the attention, even if it's for a silly reason. ...

Feldy, you love Tiger. Will he ever win another major championship? And it's safe to say he's not catching Jack now, right?

FELDY: There's no denying Tiger is one of the best to ever play the game. If Nicklaus could win the Masters at 46, Tiger has plenty of time to win another major or two. But, he's 35, and it will get tougher and tougher to avoid more injuries. He'll have to deal with a group of young players who are no longer intimidated by him. So, no, he doesn't catch Jack. ...

Back to caddies for a moment. If or when Tiger gets back to the top of his game, just how important is it for him to have a good caddie?

PHERSY:A good caddie is very important. But a good caddie for Tiger is different than a good caddie for any other player on Tour. Tiger's caddie has to be strong, mentally and physically. He/she must be able to handle Tiger's powerful personality, and must be able to forcefully lead an intimidating figure. That leaves Tiger with few options.

But if Tiger's ever going to return to form, it's crucial for him to find the right caddie. ...

OK Feldy, it's time for predictions. It's the last major of the season. Who are you taking and why?

FELDY: You mean other than Brandt Snedeker? You know he's always my pick to win everything.


But I'll go with Rickie Fowler. He's a young guy who, along with Rory McIlroy, could bring some energy back to the sport. They're both in their early 20s and have played well in majors this year. Fowler's only 22, has already played in a Ryder Cup, and finished fifth at the British Open last month.

How about you, Phersy? Who wins this weekend?

PHERSY:Well, how about Jason Day? He's been in contention at almost every big tournament on Tour this season. It would be nice to see him break through and grab a major title.

If you let me give you two more names, Feldy, I'm going with Luke Donald and Nick Watney. Donald is back on track after last week, and I can see him tearing it up on this course. And who's been better than Watney on Tour this year?

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