When sports and holidays collide

In recent news, NBA players and coaches have been quoted voicing complaints about having to play on Christmas Day. On the other hand in Rochester local community groups will host several holiday tournaments over the next few days.

So what’s the appropriate balance when it comes to celebrating holidays and participating or attending sports events?

At the Sports Commission we often hold events over the summer holidays (Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day). During our conversations with teams and families we have learned that most teams don’t mind playing in an event over a holiday weekend. It usually means the parents have an extra day off from work and it also allows the family to have some quality time together in the evenings after the games have concluded.

In fact, several of the teams who attended the AAU Girls Basketball 12U National Championship in Rochester this summer took a few extra days to visit some of the other attractions in Minnesota and gained some great memories because of tournament.

Other holidays are not as popular to schedule events on such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. Youth and high school teams usually take these holidays off and allow the players to enjoy time with their families.


But the days off from school or work during these holiday breaks have shown to be very popular for sports events. This week alone a Rochester resident can attend the Rotary Basketball Classic, the Kiwanis Boys Hockey Festival or the Sertoma Girls Hockey Shootout. These events have been mainstays in Rochester for 15 years or more and they have created many wonderful memories for high school athletes and their families.

Balance is the key. A family needs to make sure to make the effort to enjoy time together away from the sports venue. Every family is different and needs to make the best choices for their situation.

One of my greatest childhood memories was attending the Christmas night Monday Night Football between the Minnesota Vikings and the Cincinnati Bengals with my parents. Not only did the Vikings clinch the NFC Central over the Green Bay Packers that night, but the Boldt family made some memories that have lasted for years.

So during this holiday season take some time to enjoy your family and friends whether you are at home playing board games or enjoying a family meal or at the gym or ice rink watching a game.

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