Wiste scores first Modified win At Chateau

LANSING — Chateau Raceway featured the first of three car ride nights for the kids Friday as the young race fans had the opportunity to take a ride in their favorite driver's car.

After the heat races were completed a special auction was held to raise money for the Brett Grunklee family of Owatonna. Brett suffered a brain aneurysm on April 11 and Troy Lembke donated a Mark Noble door panel to auction. Mark told the crowd that the door was from 1999-2000 and was on the car when he raced at the Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee. Larry Nelson was the high bidder and bought the door for $575.

The Pure Stocks usually put on a wild show and this one was no exception as it wasn't complete until the post-race inspection was done. James Connors took the lead while Cole Lonergan made a three-wide pass to third and then drove by Stacy Krohnberg for second. The first caution of the evening flew on lap four.

There was another yellow after Brandon Vogt and Lonergan got tied up with Krohnberg. On the restart, Matt Brooks took the second position while Lonergan, Brady Krohnberg and Tyler Peterson were three abreast for third and the top five ran close.

Lonergan scooted to second, then dove low on Connors for the lead. Lonergan secured the top spot on lap nine. Peterson and Connors tangled and that brought out the final caution. Lonergan drove to the win but was tripped up in post race tech inspection with an illegal restrictor plate. That handed the win to Vogt.


Brian Schrage led early in the USRA B-Mod feature with Jerry Young along for the ride. A couple of early caution flags kept the 10-car field tight. Kylie Kath got by Young for second on lap four and then charged past Schrage on lap five for the lead. Schrage fired right back at Kath and they were side-by-side for the lead.

Schrage stole the lead back on lap seven, but Kath returned the favor in turn four. Young then came alive and raced with Schrage for second. Young took the spot on lap 12 and then set after Kath for the lead. They raced door-to-door for two laps until Young snagged the lead on lap 14 and took the win.

Jesse Stahl took the lead from the pole in the WISSOTA Street Stock feature. Tyler Peterson challenged Stahl and then Kory Adams bolted past Peterson for second. Stahl slide high in turn four and Adams drove past for the lead.

After a quick yellow, Mike Blowers went to the high side and was now to third as Tony Shaner now cracked the top five. Shaner then took fourth on lap seven while Blowers raced with Peterson for second. Peterson spun his car and the yellow flew again. Adams led on the restart and Shaner got to the inside of Blowers as they rubbed down the frontstretch.

Shaner took the spot and then Nathan Schumacher spun and Jason Newkirk collided with him and out came the yellow. When the race resumed, Blowers and Shaner tangled again with Blowers going to the rear. This was the fifth caution and five laps were cut. That set up a two-lap dash to the finish in which Adams won.

The Midwest Modifieds had pole sitter Jeff Born up front early on. Jesse Hernandez, Anthony Condit and Jason Born were three abreast for second with Steven Amundson in the mix.

Johnny Magnum spun to bring out the yellow and that saved Amundson as the lap was not complete. Greg Pfeifer Jr., Bryan Hernandez and Cody Gardner soon entered the top five after the restart while Amundson continued to lead. Jeff Born popped the wall to bring out the yellow on lap six.

It was a wild restart when Amundson, Jesse Hernandez and Pfeifer Jr. were three-wide for the lead. Magnum and Taylor Ovrebo tangled up to cause a caution and the restart would be problematic for the leader. The green came out and Amundson’s machine would not turn on. Half the field went past and now Pfeifer Jr. went on to win the race.


Eight cars took the green flag for the IMCA Stock Car feature. Travis Shipman led until lap three when Austin Curtin took over. It was a pretty good race the entire way as the top three cars of Curtin, Shipman and Dan Mackenthun went nose to tail and beat on each other a bit. It would be Curtin first to the checkered flag.

The 25-lap USRA Modified main event was another dandy for the second week in a row. Darwyn Karau took off from the pole and checked out through the first eleven laps. Karau was hooked up on the top and he was gone when they started to enter the back of the field.

Karau came up fast on Michael Wytaske and made contact that sent both cars for a spin. Karau was sent to the back and that put A.J. Wiste in the lead. Wiste was being followed by Todd Scharkey and Brandon Davis right behind them. Davis stole second on lap 12 and Jason Cummins also got by Scharkey for third.

Wiste continued to set a torrid pace with Davis and Cummins locked in battle for second. The top three were close to the end in a very good race. Wiste won his first career Modified feature event.

Terry Blowers once again topped the Hornet feature. It was not easy though as Blowers made a late race pass of Chris Schumann for the win.

The Northern Vintage Stock Cars were on the car this week. Much to the fans delight, Chateau Raceway legend John "Sonny" VanWilgen won the full-bodied feature. Ken Sabby was the winner of the Super Modified class.


(Late Friday)



Feature — Jerry Young, Kylie Kath, Brian Schrage, Austin Schrage, Scott Demmer, Terry Kohnert, Todd Borwege, John Warrington, Pete Kiley, Justin McMahan. First Heat— A. Schrage, Borwege, Warrington, Kiley, McMahan. Second Heat— Demmer, Young, Kath, Schrage, Kohnert.


Feature — Terry Blowers, Chris Schumann, Gary Stahl, Greg Lammers, Braeden Allen, Zach Elward, Bailey Wolff.


Feature — Austin Curtin, Travis Shipman, Dan Mackenthun, Blake Cole, Jesse Anderson, Ryan Goergen, Jesse Baer, Clay Steele. Heat— Baer, Shipman, Goergen, Custin, Mackenthun, Cole, Steele, Anderson.


Feature — Greg Pfeifer Jr., Cody Gardner, Bryan Hernandez, Jesse Hernandez, Anthony Condit, Jason Born, Steven Amundson, Johnny Magnum, Taylor Ovrebo, Kadden Kath, Jacob Stark, Casey Trom, Curtis Wilson, Scott Greenman, Jeff Born. First Heat— Gardner, Pfeifer Jr., Condit, Jason Born, Trom, Stark, Greenman, Ovrebo. Second Heat— B.Hernandez, Amundson, Jeff Born, J.Hernandez, Kath, Wilson, Magnum.



Feature — Brandon Vogt, Dylan Nelson, Matt Brooks, Stacy Krohnberg, Brady Krohnberg, Adam Godeke, Tyler Peterson, Katie Elward, James Connors, Rick Finger, Kaitlyn Stark, Casey Dahl, Noah Grinstead, Bob Schoenfelder, Cole Lonergan (DQ). First Heat— Peterson, S.Krohnberg, B.Krohnberg, Vogt, Brooks, Finger, Dahl. Second Heat— Lonergan, Godeke, Nelson, Connors, Elward, Grinstead, Stark.


Feature — Kory Adams, Tony Shaner, Jesse Stahl, Jason Barber, Jason Newkirk, Andrew Lokenvitz, Mike Blowers, Brent Holland, Tyler Peterson, Nick Roemhildt, Nathan Schumacher. First Heat— Adams, Newkirk, Peterson, Schumacher, Shaner, Lokenvitz. Second Heat— Blowers, Holland, Stahl, Barber, Roemhildt.


Feature — A.J. Wiste, Jason Cummins, Brandon Davis,Todd Scharkey, Mark Noble, Joe Horgdal, Greg Jensen, Josh Mattick, Jeremy Misgen, Dan Bohr, Billy Steinberg, Darwyn Karau, Michael Wytaske. First Heat— Wiste, Karau, Noble, Scharkey, Steinberg, Jensen, Wytaske. Second Heat— Davis, Horgdal, Bohr, Cummins, Mattick, Misgen.

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