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Steve Lange

Columnist Steve Lange truly believes he can win a giant stuffed gorilla wearing a T-shirt.
Following his role in one of sport’s most notorious scandals, Charles “Swede” Risberg rebuilt his life—after his lifetime ban from Major League Baseball—right here in Rochester.
Producer at Mayo Clinic.
Need family vacation ideas that will annoy all family members equally? Columnist Steve Lange has them.
Columnist Steve Lange has been working from home, mostly, for two years. But there's plenty he doesn't miss from the office.
Columnist Steve Lange looks back at that glorious, sort of, final season playing D-League Rochester softball.
Columnist Steve Lange talks to the Gray Duck Theater owner about his Master of Divinity, movies, and his "meet cute" story
After a terrifying early morning scare, columnist Steve Lange invests in a dog tracking device.
Columnist Steve Lange guesses at his finances. His wife guesses in the March Madness brackets. Once a year, the two collide.
Columnist Steve Lange looks back at the life--and death--of the former Rochester attorney. And big personality.