Sunday was a good reminder to me, and perhaps it’s a good opportunity to remind you, that we’re all going to need a good dose of sunshine and fresh air as often as we can get it. There is no harm to you or your neighbors to leave your house, walk the sidewalk, and mosey through the park. For the dog lovers in the crowd, you already know it’s nearly impossible to stay cooped up in the house all day long. Any chance to move your legs and get breathing should help keep anxiety levels a little lower for us.
An umbrella may come in handy this week, even today if you’re outside at just the right time. A weak front is moving through and it will provide enough energy for a few rain or snow showers to form. I don’t expect much today, just a few hit and miss showers, but don’t be surprised by snowflakes.
A nice lull in the action Tuesday will mean a cool but bright St. Patrick’s Day and a great opportunity to get cooking. Nothing can really beat corned beef and cabbage in the slow cooker all day, if you ask me. If your significant other, like mine, thinks cooked cabbage smells like stale garbage, it won’t be a bad day to crack the windows a bit.
Tuesday will be our day to soak in the sunshine before another weak system brings a return of cloud cover and rain Wednesday. A stronger storm will spin through the region Thursday and Friday. That one, if it tracks as expected, will make for a rainy, gusty Thursday with a transition to snow Thursday night into Friday morning. From today’s perspective it has the potential to drop an accumulation of snow. For those of us looking for a surly diversion from current events, it’s too early to say if it’s going to be significant.